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Antique Dining Chairs, Sets of 12

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Early 20th Century Large Set Of Fourteen Antique Dining Chairs

Large set of fourteen Edwardian period Hepplewhite antique dining chairs. This is a remarkably fine quality set of dining chairs made after designs by the renowned 18th century furniture designer George Hepplewhite. Although there is no furniture documented as being made by Hepplewhite personally, the widespread popularity of his designs mean that he is considered as one of the greatest English furniture designers of the 18th, or indeed any, century. He is also notable for being called George, while all the others seem to be called Thomas. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the life of George Hepplewhite as there are so few facts known about his life. His pattern books were published posthumously by someone called Alice Hepplewhite who is thought to be his wife, but know one knows for sure. This set of chairs are typical of Hepplewhite designs being well balanced, light in design, symmetrical and with shield shape back. The front legs are slender, the back ones have a generous sweep for stability. The back splat has an elegant oval satinwood panel inlaid into the centre. This is a very elegant set of chairs made during the last great period of furniture manufacture in the United Kingdom.

English circa 1910 £16500


48cm / 19" high seat
100cm / 39½" high
69cm / 27" wide
58½cm / 23" deep

48cm / 19" high seat
97cm / 38" high
56cm / 22" wide
51cm / 20" deep

Set Of Twelve Antique Mahogany 19th Century Chippendale Dining Chairs

This set of twelve 19th century antique Chippendale dining chairs are made to a design that originated in the George III period of the 18th century. These antique dining chairs are large, solid and made of a good quality dense grained mahogany. The carving is restrained and crisp, they have a good shape to the arms, a pronounced splay to the back legs and H frame stretchers for added strength.

English circa 1880 £14,500

97cm / 38" high
76cm / 30" wide
53cm / 21" deep
45cm / 17½" high seat

97cm / 38" high
56cm / 22" wide
51cm / 20" deep
45 / 17½" high seat

Set Of Twenty Four Dining Chairs

Set of twenty-four dining chairs comprising twelve from around 1920 and twelve very good copies made around ten years ago. These are good generous size chairs which are also generous and well made. They come from a good aristocratic Swedish family.

Swedish circa 1920 / 2005 £12,500

20" wide max
19" deep max
36" high max
18" high seat

Set of 18 oak antique dining chairs made by Thomas Fox & Co London

Set of 18 oak dining chairs made by Thomas Fox & Co London. These chairs are large and comfortable with padded backs and stuff over seats. They are very robust and have stretchers underneath for added strength. The back legs have a generous curve which extends beyond the back rest of the chair. This makes them much more stable and makes it more difficult for careless dinner guests to tip over backwards when swinging on the back legs.

English circa 1860 £14,500
03 16 04

18 1/2" wide
18" high seat
36" high back
16 1/2" deep inside seat
21" deep max

22" wide
19" high seat
39" high back
18 1/2" deep inside seat
23" deep max

Set of 12 nineteenth century antique dining chairs

Set of 12 nineteenth century antique dining chairs after a design by Thomas Hepplewhite. These are very well constructed chairs in the eighteenth century manner, with tenon jointed frames and proper corner stretchers. They are made of the finest mahogany, the carving is very precise and the backs are inlaid with box wood. English circa 1880-1900 £14,000

Single chairs:

Width            20.5 inches   
Height            37 inches
Seat Height        19 inches
Inside seat depth    17 inches

Carver armchairs

Width            21.5 inches
Height            37.5 inches
Seat height        19 inches
Inside seat depth    17.5 inches

Set of 12 comfortable antique dining chairs

Set of 12 comfortable antique dining chairs with elegant reeded legs, padded backs and brass handle to top of back (fabric change is permitted).

French circa 1860 £12,500
07 12 08

Set of 19 George III period mahogany antique dining chairs

Unusually long set of 19 George III period mahogany antique dining chairs with wood saddle seat and lovely elegant restrained design to the back, some with and others without H frame stretchers, standing on square taper legs, these chairs originally had squab cushions (not pictured) to make them comfortable

English circa 1800 £8,000
MS294 (restoration not incl)

38" high
19½" wide
20" deep
18½" high seat
measured at edge without cushion