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Antique Kettles

Set Of Four Large Kettles By Pinder Brothers Of Sheffield

Very rare set of four large scale antique electroplated kettles. These are fairly ornate kettles made after Rococo designs that would have been popular in the 1750s. The decoration consists of floral swags and scrolling and the top finial is of Baccial form with grapes that would have been a poplular device at the time. These kettles run on liquid fuel that burns via a wick from a container beneath the kettle. Above the wick is a concave hollow that catches the heat and warms the water. As silver plate conducts heat very well, there is no need for a large fire to warm the water.

They were made by Pinder Brothers of Court 4, 48 Garden Street, Sheffield, established by Thomas Griffith Pinder and Charles Edward Pinder in 1877. Pinter Bros were very well regarded and highly successful maker of pewter and silver plate, so successful in fact that the company flourishes to this day. They had a large range of giftware, flatware, cups, trophies, tea services and had travelling salesmen who would travel from town to town and take orders from retailers far and wide.

English circa 1910 £4,800

10 16 11

50cm / 20" high
36cm / 14" wide
31cm / 12" deep

Antique kettle

The kettle is made of copper with handles, lid, spout and tap. It has a centre column inside to keep the water hot. This column is vented in the centre of the lid to let out smoke from fire, coal or vent burning oil depending on which method of combustion was used.
There is fine decoration around the base and lid and the handles and tap are a generous interesting shape.

English circa 1840 £350

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