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Antique Library Steps, Step Ladders

Here are the library steps, antique step ladders and antique ladders we have in stock. Please email us if you do not find what you are looking for.

Antique library steps

Interesting set of moveable steps. These are difficult to date as they are very well made, especially the hand made construction with the use of screws. Another interesting detail is the leather pad on each side of the top platform. This serves to protect the walls or shelves from damage apon contact with the ladder.

The wheels move round 360 degrees for ease of movement in any direction. The wheel assembly has a finely balanced suspension which is just powerful enough suspend the feet above the ground in order to move the ladder around. Once the user places a foot on a step the whole assembly lowers to the ground and the step ladder cannot move.

The old paint on the step ladder has worn to a good faded colour with surface rust beginning to show. This looks good to us, but of course the whole piece can be freshly painted to suit your own interior design scheme.

As for the history, we we dont know if this was in a state of the art factory around 1900, or whether it was made for a municipal library or museum in the 1950s. All we know is that it is well made, with delicate proportions and it is a good sturdy stepladder that can be used every day as well as admired.

English circa 1900-1950


17" wide
28" deep
65" high max
35" high to top step