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Antique Formal Sofas

Regency Mahogany Antique Sofa

Elegant early nineteenth century Regency mahogany sofa or settee with scroll ends and standing on turned legs. This sofa has the wonderful thin sections and delicacy of line that is typical of the early 19th century, pre Victorian, period upholstery. Following on from the classical influences of decorative arts and architecture in the 18th century this period of Regency furniture owes much to the excitement at the time surrounding the excavations at Pompeii and Herculanium and interest in Greek and Roman classical form in general. This sofa was made before the invention of the coiled spring, so the seat is thin and ought to have a separate squab cushion of stitched horsehair or feathers if you prefer.

English circa 1820 £3,800

 214cm / 84" / 7' wide
66cm / 26" deep
86cm / 34" high max
41cm / 16" high seat w/o squab

Regency ebonised beech antique sofa

Regency period antique sofa in ebonised beech with ormulu mounts. This sofa has the proper horsehair squab with no seat springs, generous scroll arms and horsehair bolsters. The legs are good and tall with close reeding very much in the style of the colonial furniture of the period. English circa 1815 £2,250


90" wide
31" high
28" deep

French upholstered settle / sofa / settee

Charming French upholstered settle with walnut show wood and traces of the original gilding standing on elegant cabriole legs and with generous shape to the arms to match the leg and stretchers underneath, covered in what may be the original fabric which is a pretty flat weave that has survived remarkably well

French 1860 £2,800

IW 006

Width             67 inches
Height            43 inches
Depth overall    28 inches
Depth at seat    24 inches

Victorian period antique sofa

Victorian period antique sofa with open arms and nice carved detail, this sofa has lived at least for the last few decades (and possibly since birth) in the billiard room of a large Cotswold manor house. English circa 1890 £1450


63" wide max 
38 1/2" high max
30" deep max
24 deep at top of leg/base of frame.