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Refectory Dining Tables

Antique refectory tables are very useful and practical dining tables as they are both highly decorative with wonderful colour and depth of patination and also very durable. The surface is usually not finished with a shellac polish like a mahogany table and so this sort of vernacular table is very well suited to a modern multi purpose kitchen where the table is as likely to be used as a desk and work surface as for dining. These tables are always coming and going, so please email us with your requirements as there may be more in stock than appear on this page

Early 20th Century Oak Antique Refectory Table By Beresford and Hicks

Large early 20th century oak refectory table made in England by Beresford and Hicks of London. This is a very well made, strong and solid refectory dining table which stands on a substantial superstructure attached by five legs to a double y shape lower stretcher. This must be one of the most solidly made refectory tables that we have seen of any period. The arrangement of the legs and lower stretcher means that the table benefits from the strength of the stretchers without the structure getting in the way of the feet of dinner guests. The frieze is good and high so it does not get in the way of knees. The finish could do with a good coating of natural beeswax to bring back the golden colour. This can be carried out in our own workshops if required.

English circa 1925 £3600

305cm / 10' long
98cm / 38½" deep
77cm / 30½" high

There is a lot of information about Jack Beresford and his father Julius Beresford on Wikipdia which is well worth a read. There were famous Olympic rowers as well as highly regarded furniture makers.

Here is some information about the company:

Beresford and Hicks of 135-139 Curtain Road, London, EC2 (Old Street End). Telegraphic Address: "Hickober-Norton, London". Telephone: Wall 3807-8. (Listed 1922 and 1929).

Ditto Address. Telephone: Bishopsgate 1876-7-8-9. Cables: "Hickober, Finsquare". Factories: Berick Works, Hemsworth Street, London, N1. (1947)

 Julius Beresford (born June 29, 1868 - died September 29, 1959), also known as "Berry" or "The Old Berry" was a British rower and coach. He won silver at the 1912 Summer Olympics in the coxed four.
He was a Polish emigre and changed his surname from "Wiszniewski". Outside rowing, he was a partner in the furniture making business, Beresford and Hicks.
1922 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Manufacturers of Antique Reproduction Furniture. Manufacturing Upholsterers and General Cabinet Makers. Large stock always on show. (Stand No. C34)

1929 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Manufacturers of Antique Reproduction Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Bedsteads (Wood), Bookcases, Bureaux, Cabinets, Chairs, Dining Room Furniture, Drawing Room Furniture, Hall Furniture, Mirrors, Tables, Upholstered Furniture, Lacquer Furniture. (Stand Nos. T.17 and T.38) [3]

 1947 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Manufacturers and Designers of fine furniture. Specialising in High Grade Productions for Export including Bedroom, Dining, Lounge Furniture and Upholstery to Customers' own design. (Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stand No. 695)

Antique Georgian Period Country Vernacular X Frame Refectory Dining Table

18th century antique refectory dining table. This table has a lot of things going for it, it is charming, has great patination and is extremely practical. The charming part is that it has a really tactile faded surface, all it needs is a little wax from our in house workshop to bring out the lovely pale honey colour. It is made of two of our favorite timbers for vernacular furniture, a sycamore top and elm base. This table is eminently practical, it is high for the period, it has the legs out of the way with lots of knee room. We especially like the metal bracket that runs the length of the table from the centre of each X. Being both robust and good looking makes this a practical table for hard work or hard partying.

English circa £9,800

84cm / 33" deep
221cm / 87" wide
74cm / 29" high

Antique Refectory Table

Antique refectory table, the top is made of two huge sheets of timber which run the full length of the table. The legs are square and tapered and there is no lower stretcher to get in the way of the legs of those sitting at the table. The table is a really good colour, much better than these photos would suggest. It is very well made, heavy and solid table.

English Welsh or Scottish early 19th century £4,800

01 16 05

34" deep
101" long
27½" high

Oak antique refectory dining tables

Very nice quality oak antique refectory dining tables, there are three the same, so you can join them together to make a table that looks like a 15 foot long refectory table for only £4,200! Or buy them one at a time for £1,400 each.

05 11 03

Each one 59 1/2" long by 41" wide