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Antique Sofa Tables

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Very Fine Quality Early 19th Century Regency Mahogany Antique Sofa Table

This is a very fine quality antique sofa table which must have cost a fortune as a new order. It would be hard to find anything lacking in any area at all, this table has it all. From the top down, it has the best quality mahogany top that we have seen in a long time, the colour, grain pattern and patina of the timber used for the top can be described without any exaggeration as exquisite. There are wonderful large handles with traces of the original gilding, the drawer linings are mahogany, the dove tails are perfect, the drawers and frieze are narrow and the dummy drawers to the reverse look just like the real ones. The end support is beautifully drawn with ninety degree curve at the base and with three tuned spindles which is straight out of the Gillow book (ask for details). There is brass inlay on both the outside and the inside of the end supports, there are two knuckle joints at each end to support the leaves and there are strengthening supports hidden up underneath to keep the ends supports in place. We consider ourselves very lucky to have this sofa table in our little shop and it is a good enough piece to fit in in any of the finest country houses in the land.

English circa 1820 £4400

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66cm / 26" deep
154cm / 60½" wide open
92cm / 36" wide closed
75cm / 28½" high

Important 19th Century Rosewood Antique Sofa Table

This is a very good antique library table dating from the William IV Period of the 19th century. It has all the things one could wish for in a library table; elegant end supports, fine carving, good golden brown rosewoood, mahogany drawer linings, precision dove tails and Brahma locks. There is a high cross rail to give strength without getting in the way of knees and there are two drawers hidden in the shallow frieze. This table is freestanding so it looks the same all round, aside from the escutcheons which appear only on one side. This library table is narrow front to back so would be very useful as a sofa table or side table. This is a tremendous piece of furniture which has to be seen to be appreciated.

English circa 1830-1837 £3,800

145cm / 57" long
73cm / 28½" high
71cm / 28" deep

19th Century Regency Rosewood Antique Sofa Table

Early nineteenth century Regency rosewood antique sofa table. It is impossible to convey adequately how exquisite this table is without resorting to expletives. Instead, here is a list of some of its good points. This table is made of exotic, expensive and very fine cut of rosewood which has faded to a desirable golden colour. It has crossbanding, it has double stringing round the top, it has Greek key pattern in boxwood. It is very narrow in depth. It has almost perfect forty five degree angle splay to the legs, which run to parallel with the floor at the end. It has very narrow frieze and thin supports that elevate it above a normal sofa table. It has precision hand cut dovetails on all four corners of each drawer. It has drawer linings made of finest mahogany. It has two end supports each side instead of just one. It is free standing with false drawers on the reverse. Restoration is included in the price. Let us know your requirement.

English circa 1810 £3,800

61cm / 24" deep
94cm / 37" wide min
146cm / 57½" wide max
71cm / 28" high