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Antique Wash Stands

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Antique Pot Cupboard / Nightstand

Antique oak bedside cupboard or nightstand. This charming little cupboard is made of a wonderful cut of well figured oak which will look magnificent when the restorers have shone it with beeswax. The cupboard floor will be replaced with antique timber from our stores. Interesting that such a useful and restrained piece of furniture was designed and built over two hundred years ago.

English circa 1790 £680

46cm / 18" wide
39cm / 15½" wide
81cm / 32" high

Antique Washstand

Antique washstand made of a really good cut of Cuban mahogany. This useful side table is designed to have a bowl for washing in the centre, but it might be fun to find a way of plimbing it in with taps and drain etc for glamorous teeth cleaning or a posh wash. There are two drawers, one each side of the central dummy drawer. Handles are original turned mahogany. The timber is dry from years of not being looked after, once we have waxed it with bees wax it will be a wonderful rich colour again which can be achieved without totally repolishing. The timber and construction are consistant with that used by Gillow which makes this table well above the ordinary.

English circa 1810 £1,450

42" wide
40" high
32" high to surface
20" deep

Bedside cupboards with marble tops

Pair of antique bedside cupboards with marble tops. The timber is 'Birds Eye' maple, an expensive cut of veneer which has a three dimensional quality when it catches the light. The marble tops are a useful feature as they do not get ring marks when water glass is left on top all night like a polished top. English circa 1900 £2,800

19 1/2" wide
13 1/2" deep
37" high

Pot cupboard and washstand

Very interesting antique pot cupboard and washstand with lift up lid! Very unusual configuration, this must be one of the only ones of this period that works in this way - even though the lift up lid is the sort with which we are all now familiar. This piece looks very nice with flowers in the wash bowl circle in the top, or we can put a glass top on it so it can be used as a lamp table, wine table, or bed side table. This washstand is made of really good quality Cuban mahogany and is in superb all original condition. It is George III period and dates from around 1770, height 27" and 17" deep by 17" wide £1,850

Secretaire wash stand

Exceptionally fine quality antique secretaire wash stand attributed to Gillow of Lancaster and London with writing slope in the top left drawer, gentleman's toilet section with fitted mirror to the top left section, the top right opening to reveal compartments for bowl, cup, jug etc, the whole piece made of the most wonderful cut of mahogany with the same timber used on the unfinished back of the washstand and even mahogany used for the drawer linings! English circa 1825, £4,800, measurements are 28" deep, 48" wide, 34" tall when closed