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Vintage copper pans and other copper cookware

Vintage copper pans, saucepans and other copper cookware by Gaillard, Elkington, Mauviel etc

Circa 1910 Copper Saucepan by J & E Gaillard of Paris

Wonderful early 20th century pan made by J & E Gaillard of Paris. The Gaillard family were one of the very best copper pan manufacturers in France and this is a very fine example indeed. This pan is tremendous weight and the shape and size of the handle is exceptional. However it is the rivets which really catch the eye, they are massive! On the inside of the pan they are hammered smooth to the surface which really is something to think about considering the size and weight of the pan. This is a commercial weight (extra fort) pan which was made for the kitchens of the Metropole Hotel in Paris. The stamp for the hotel is clear to see and there are also some other stamps which say "25" and "GRAND". The Gaillard stamp is a little indistinct but it is a good one because it says "J & E GAILLARD PARIS 81 Faubourg St. Denis". This is one of the stamps from when Jules and Emile were working together and dates the pan to period from 1903 to 1918.
Some say that this is the best period of Gaillard manufacture and the thick copper, large handle and huge rivets attest to this.
This pan does have surface marks, scratches and small dents, but overall the condition is very good, especially for a pan made for commercial use. The interior of the pan has been relined by professional tinning company and the pan has not been used since. The weight is thought to be around 4kg or 8.5lbs, but the scales used are not accurate.

Paris France circa 1910 SOLD


53cm / 20¼" max incl handle
26cm / 10½" wide pan
9cm / 3½" high at pan