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Howard Chairs

This is a list of our current stock of chairs made by Howard and Sons. Please enquire if you do not see what you are looking for.

Two Antique Turned Leg Bridgewater Easy Armchairs by Howard and Sons of London

Two Bridgewater model armchairs made by Howard and Sons of London.
These two chairs stand on the earlier sort of turned legs for which the company is so well known. These chairs are currently upholstered in sprung horsehair with no feather cushions. This method of upholstery lends itself to applications where the plumping of cushions is to be avoided, such as high use or public areas. The cushionless Bridgewater is also the ideal model to be upholstered in thick fabric or leather, neither of which work very well with down feathers. However, all the systems of upholstery have the same frame shape and, as when new, these chairs can be upholstered with a plain, waisted or button back or they can also be re-upholstered using the famous siege de duvet system which makes them so very comfortable.

English circa 1890 £6800 each
(price includes restoration and recovery,
but not the price of the fabric itself)

11 18 05

69cm / 27" wide at frame
76cm / 30" wide max
69cm / 27" deep frame
94cm / 37" deep max
86cm / 34" high
33cm / 13" high seat

Pair of Grafton Armchairs made by Howard and Sons

Pair of antique armchairs made by Howard and Sons of London. This pair are the shape of Grafton chairs except with a P shaped arm. As can be seen in the photographs, one of these is plain back and one is button back. Howard chairs were available with plain back, button back, waisted back or the siege de duvet system. Included in the cost is full restoration to any of the above finishes. Siege de duvet is my favourite.

English circa 1900 £15800

Prov. Stamped Howard & Sons Berners Street.

07 18 02

Howard and Sons Bridgewater Armchair

Howard and Sons Bridgewater armchair standing on turned front legs.
English circa 1900.

£6,800 including restoration (ex fabric).

08 18 08

27½" wide at frame above legs
29" deep at frame above legs
29" wide at arms
34" high approx
36" deep approx

Pair of Antique Grafton Model Howard and Sons Chairs

Pair of Howard and Sons chairs, Grafton model, stamped Howard and Sons Berners Street. The pair of chairs in question have square taper legs not turned ones as pictured here. The fabric is the same, but can of course be changed.

English circa 1910 £15800



Howard and Sons Bridgewater Chair

Howard and Sons Bridgewater armchair with square taper legs and with siege de duvet upholstery. Certainly the favourite model for several of us here at Hares. Let us know if you want a pair as there are always more in the pipeline, but their casters hardly touch the ground so quickly do they fly out the door.

English circa 1910 £6,800


Howard and Sons Bridgewater model armchair

Howard and Sons Bridgewater model armchair. These are the most popular of the comfortable Howards. It is smaller than the Harley and Ivor of the same shape and is also smaller than the Grafton model which is a different shape. This is a library photograph as we have so many coming and going that it is impossible to keep up to date. Please inquire about current stock.

English circa 1910 £6,800 each (including restoration)
These are usually stamped Howard and Sons Berners Street.

Sizes vary.
27½" wide
36" deep overall approx
27½ - 29" deep at top of leg
34" high overall approx