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20th Century and Mid Century Design Furniture

Mid century furniture for sale

Pair of Mid Century Chest of Drawers by Herbert E Gibbs

Pair of 20th century mid century chests of drawers by Herbert E Gibbs, Cat No 816 Job No 3417. This pair of chests are in great condition with just a small peice of veneer missing to the rear corner of the top of one of them. The mirror and raised section can be removed and replaced easily if you want them to be both the same. The timber is a great colour and the metal stringing and handles are in good condition and still straight and true.

English circa 1960 £950

76cm / 30" wide
41cm / 16" deep
72cm / 28½" high
138cm / 54½" high with mirror fitted

1964 Dining Table designed by Michael Knott

Extremely fine quality dining table designed by Michael Knott and made by Eric Bumstead in 1964. Michael Knott is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London "the World's most influential post graduate institute of art and design" according to their own website. This is one of the best made tables from this period that we have seen. It is made from solid cuts of timber rather than veneer, the top is cleated and the sections of wood run the length of the table. The lack of frieze means lots of knee room and the pedestal support means that table legs do not get in the way of human ones. This is a very beautiful table whose elegant design conceals its impressive weight. These photos do not do it justice!

English 1964 £8800
Designer Michael Knott
Maker Eric Bumstead


91.5cm / 36" wide
222cm / 87½" long
74cm / 29" high

20th Century Chest Of Drawers From The Links Range Made By Harris Lebus

This is an elegant chest of drawers from the Links range made by Harris Lebus who was one of the largest furniture makers of the 1950s and claimed to have the largest furniture factory in the world. Lebus was from Germany and moved to England in the 1840s and this chest of drawers has all the build quality you would expect, with precision dovetails and mahogany drawer linings. The handles still have a little of the original gold on them which we recommend to leave alone, but repolishing the timber is included in the price if required.

English circa 1955 £650


79cm / 31" wide
80cm / 31½" high
44cm / 17¼" deep

Mosaic pattern coffee table

A particularly impressive end grain mosaic pattern coffee table. Danish, circa 1960.

AMH 012

Soro Stole oak dining chairs

Set of eight oak dining chairs, four carver armchairs with four singles, all with original leather seats.
Made by Soro Stole, Denmark 1961.

Soro Stole oak dining table

Extending oak dining table, with removable interleaves. Made by Soro Stole, Denmark 1961.

Missing table

57" wide
141" long extended
21" each leaf