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Antique Secretaire Bookcases & Bureau Bookcases

These antique bookcases are called secretaire or bureau bookcases because they have a desk drawer or fall front desk. They are also referred to as secretary bookcases or escritiore bookcases. Please click on images to enlarge them and do contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Antique Walnut Secretaire / Secretary / Desk

Early 18th century escritoire made of very fine sections of quarter cut walnut veneer with cross banding and feather banding. The fall front lowers to provide a writing surface revealing pigeon holes and many small drawers to the interior of the upper section. There are several locking sections, secret compartments and the small door in the centre of the top also locks. Above the desk section there is a secret drawer hidden in the frieze.

English circa 1720 £22,000

09 13 06

41" wide at cornice
40" wide at waist
21" deep at waist
70" high overall

Antique Beidemier Secrétaire à Abattant

Antique Beidemier Secrétaire à Abattant. Great timber, surprisingly good construction, lots of drawers and pidgeon holes.

French (or German) circa 1820 £3,800

03 16 03

148½ cm high
102 cm wide
48 cm deep
76 cm high to surface
97cm deep desk open

Gentleman's Universal Cabinet

Fine quality and rare gentleman's universal cabinet made of Cuban mahogany. This escritiore is made of a wonderful cut of timber and is exceptionally well made with precision dove tails everywhere. The piece has a secretaire drawer which pulls out. Concealed within is a writing slope with many pigeon holes, a pull out pen and ink drawer and further compartment beneath the writing slope. The two cupboard drawers open to reveal more pigeon holes and many drawers.

English cira 1810 £4,800

30" wide
20" deep
33" high

Antique bureau bookcase

Good early antique bureau bookcase made of a really choice cut of Cuban mahogany. This is one of the best bureau bookcases of the period that we have seen. It has everything, mirror doors, slide out candle holders, secret compartments, and many smaller drawers for stamps, paper clips and other office clutter. Best of all it has the door shape with mirror surround straight out of the Chippendale directiore.

English circa 1760 £5,800
SRT 001

41" wide max
23" deep
86½" high

18th century antique bureau bookcase

This 18th century antique bureau bookcase is made of an exceptionally fine cut of Cuban mahogany. The timber is really dense and has an especially interesting grain pattern.
The construction is second to none, the interior is fitted out with many smaller drawers, pigeon holes and a secret compartment.
The top has adjustable shelves and more small drawers.
The bookcase has mirrored doors with traces of the original gilding to the decoration around the mirrors. The broken pediment is an especially nice feature. This is one of the best mahogany bureau bookcases we have had for a while and all in exceptional original condition too!

English circa 1750 £8,500

01 15 02

43" wide max
91" high max
23" deep max

18th century George I walnut double dome antique bureau bookcase

Good early 18th century George I period walnut double dome bureau bookcase. This is a proper early bureau bookcase with separate bookcase, separate desk section and with fully fitted interior including sliding well in the desk. The top has mirror doors to reflect the light from the retractable candle holders and the double doors enclose shelves and drawers with more featherbanding. Do not worry about the strange colour. This bookcase has a dark wax all over it making it appear quite red. It will be restored to bring back the original golden walnut colour, some of which can be seen in the interior of the desk section.

English circa 1710 £28,000
04 15 10

40" wide at cornince
41" wide moulding waist
7' foot high
25" deep

1870 aesthetic movement antique oak bookcase

Very fine quality circa 1870 aesthetic movement antique oak bookcase with ebony stringing and motif details and wonderful secretaire to the top drawer. This bookcase is exceptionally well made, a most beautiful colour and very well drawn. It is much better looking than the photographs can show, please contact us to view in our show room or in situ.

English circa 1870 £11,500
MOC 010

106" tall
84" wide
22 deep

George III Mahogany Secretaire

18th century George III period mahogany breakfront bookcase with a secretaire or secretary drawer in the centre. The desk drawer is surprisingly useful in a modern home as laptops and stationery can be accessed easily and quickly hidden away when not in use. This bookcase is made of especially dense grained mahogany which is a good deep color and extremely heavy and solid. It is really well made with good drawer action, precise dovetails and well constructed doors.

English, circa 1800 £11500
JMM 243

86" / 219cm high
78" / 198cm wide
24" / 61cm deep

Height: 85 inches
Width: 78 inches