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Antique Wardrobe & Linen Presses

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18th Century George III Period Cuban Mahogany Antique Linen Press Wardrobe

This is a very fine quality 18th century antique linen press made of the finest quality Cuban mahogany. It is a wonderful cut of mahogany which had really good patina and very interesting sweeping grain pattern which catches the light superbly. The cornice of this linen press has an especially fine and detailed dental cornice and lattice work decoration on the front and sides. There is even a clothes brushing slide that pulls our from the front like a bachelors chest. The sliders in the top have been removed from this linen press, but does that make it a wardrobe? Our in house restorers have buffed the show wood to a lovely deep shine using traditional beeswax. You can adapt the inside to take sliders without ruining the original case, you can use it for hanging shirt sized clothes, hide a television inside, or display it in your furniture history museum. It is quite good that something of this outstanding quality, that is around 250 years old, can be bought and used as a useful everyday piece of furniture.

English circa 1770 £5,800

52cm / 20½" deep inside
201cm / 79" high
132cm / 52" wide max at feet
64cm / 25" deep max at feet

Antique Breakfront Wardrobe / Linen Press

18th century antique breakfront wardrobe and linen press. This is an especially fine example of 18th century craftmanship, all the elements are there, fine timbers, precise construction, crossbanding, stringing, dovetails, tenon joints and best quality handles and locks. The timber is fine figured mahogany with crossbanding made of king wood and box and ebony stringing. The interior is fitted out with full length hanging space either side with a single drawer in each side. The centre section has five linen slides over two small and two large clothes drawers. This is an extremely fine quality piece of furniture made of the best materials during the finest period of English cabinet making.
This piece of furniture has been photographed here before restoration, which is included in the purchase price.

English circa 1790 £6,800

07 16 05

213cm / 7' / 84" high
66cm / 26" deep max
226cm / 89" wide

Flame mahogany wardrobe

Antique wardrobe that looks like an antique linen press. This wardrobe has false drawers to make it look like a linen press, presumably because it had a pair that was a linen press, but we may never solve this mystery for sure. The timber is flame mahogany which has attained the most fantastic colour over the last two centuries. There is oval stringing on the doors and interesting decoration on the cornice.

English circa 1770 £2,800

60" wide max at cornice
75 1/4" high max
25 1/2" deep max cornice
23 1/2" deep cabinet

Mahogany linen press

This breakfront antique linen press is of the highest quality. It is made of finely figured mahogany with quarter cut bookmatched door panels. The oval panels have boxwood stringing and coromandel wood cross banding. There are linen sliders in the centre top section with drawers below while the ends have false drawers hiding cupboards and further drawers within.
The sliders and drawers are all lined with a fine cut of oak which is dovetailed together with the utmost precision.

English circa 1820 £14,500

05 14 04
Attributed to Gillow of Lancaster and London

87 1/4" high
100" wide at waist height
103" wide max at cornice
20" deep side section at waist
24" deep centre section at waist

Mahogany wardrobe

Mahogany wardrobe with a lovely grain pattern and really well made from huge sheets of the finest Cuban mahogany. English circa 1840-1860 £1,850

85 1/2" high
52" wide at cornice
48" wide at body
26" deep at cornice
20 1/2" deep inside

George III wardrobe

George III mahogany wardrobe, with six false and one real drawer.
This wardrobe is made of very fine quality mahogany which will look very fine when our restorers have removed the Edwardian varnish and brought back the patina with hand polished beeswax. Restoration included in the cost. The Victorian fabric interior not salvagable.

English circa 1790 £2,800

56½” wide at cornice
79” high overall
23” deep at cornice