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Antique Wardrobe & Linen Presses

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Early 19th Century Regency Mahogany Antique Campaign Wardrobe

Early 19th century Regency mahogany antique campaign wardrobe with hanging space above two drawers. This is a good looking wardrobe with an elegant cornice and splay legs. The mahogany is a good colour with interesting grain and it will look really wonderful when the restorers have finished with it. This wardrobe comes apart very easily, so it should fit up even the smallest staircase. Also useful for gentlemen when waging historical wars abroad. Restoration is included in the price, please ask about shipping charges.

English or Channel Islands circa 1815 £3800

08 18 07

26" / 66cm deep
51" / 130cm wide
82¼" / 209cm high
58" / 22¾cm inside depth

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Linen Press

Very fine quality and very heavy George III period mahogany antique linen press. This linen press has all its sliders, it is made of exceptional quality mahogany and it has faded to a beautiful golden brown colour. The price includes restoration if required. Please ask for details of restoration and delivery options.

English circa 1780 £2800

08 18 01

64cm / 24¾" deep
196cm / 77" high
131½cm / 51¾" wide at cornice and feet

Gillow Antique Linen Press

Antique mahogany linen press made by Gillow of Lancaster and London. This linen press is made of a very fine cut of fiddle back mahogany on the drawer fronts and with flame mahogany on the door fronts. It has solid mahogany drawer linings, wonderfully precise dove tails and an intricate construction system involving tenons and dovetails for the main construction. There is crossbanding, cock beading and other decorative devices typical of the period. This linen press has it all, the handles are original, the locks are all stamped Gillow, there is a twist handle to keep the doors closed and there is a nice long top bolt on the left hand door. There is a Gillow label on the inside of the drawer showing a very interesting version of the Royal Warrant to Edward VII. Gillow were one of the foremost English furniture makers for over two hundred years.

English circa 1910 £1250


136cm / 53½" wide
61cm / 24" deep
212cm / 83½" high

There is space for one more linen slider and the key is missing.
Please ask for an estimate to make new slider and key if required.

Flame mahogany wardrobe

Antique wardrobe that looks like an antique linen press. This wardrobe has false drawers to make it look like a linen press, presumably because it had a pair that was a linen press, but we may never solve this mystery for sure. The timber is flame mahogany which has attained the most fantastic colour over the last two centuries. There is oval stringing on the doors and interesting decoration on the cornice.

English circa 1770 £2,800

60" wide max at cornice
75 1/4" high max
25 1/2" deep max cornice
23 1/2" deep cabinet

Mahogany wardrobe

Mahogany wardrobe with a lovely grain pattern and really well made from huge sheets of the finest Cuban mahogany. English circa 1840-1860 £1,850

85 1/2" high
52" wide at cornice
48" wide at body
26" deep at cornice
20 1/2" deep inside

George III wardrobe

George III mahogany wardrobe, with six false and one real drawer.
This wardrobe is made of very fine quality mahogany which will look very fine when our restorers have removed the Edwardian varnish and brought back the patina with hand polished beeswax. Restoration included in the cost. The Victorian fabric interior not salvagable.

English circa 1790 £2,800

56½” wide at cornice
79” high overall
23” deep at cornice