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Antique Sideboards

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18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Sideboard

18th century George III period mahogany serpentine fronted sideboard standing on six square reeded legs. This sideboard has been made using a selection of well figured mahogany with flame mahogany used for the drawer fronts. The top is made from a single huge sheet of timber. There are three drawers including a wine drawer with removable bottle holder and also a cupboard hidden behind dummy drawer fronts. Unusually there are also dummy drawer fronts complete with handles on the sides of the sideboard as well.

English circa 1790 £3800

11 18 02

26½" / 67cm deep
64" / 163cm wide
35½" / 90cm high

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Sideboard

18th century George III period mahogany antique sideboard. This sideboard is made of a good cut of mahogany with interesting grain pattern which has faded to a desirable golden colour. There is a great level of detail on this sideboard, there are mitred corners, stringing and crossbanding in abundance. This is a good small two hundred and twenty year old sideboard for a very reasonable price.

English circa 1790 £3800

12 17 02

56cm / 22" deep
86cm / 34" high
137cm / 54" wide

18th George III Period Mahogany Antique Sideboard

18th century George III period mahogany estate desk. The estate desk was originally intended for use without a chair, so makes a very useful bedroom piece to use as a dessing table with mirror on top if there is no room for a chair, or as a small sideboard for the dining room as it is the perfect height at which to stand to serve.

English circa 1790 £2,800

41½" wide
33½" high
21" deep

George III Mahogany Antique Bow Fronted Sideboard

George III period mahogany serpentine fronted sideboard. This sideboard has a wonderful patina that will come up very nicely when our workshop had buffed it with beeswax. The front is flame mahogany with stringing in box and ebony. The legs have an unusual and pleasing chamfer which is also strung. Two of the drawers have lead lined wine coolers which lift out entirely. In total there are two drawers which are and two drawers which are not wine coolers.

English circa 1790 £3,800


158cm / 62½" wide
92cm / 36" high
76cm / 30" deep

George III antique sideboard

Antique sideboard made of an especially fine cut of mahogany. The sheer size of the sections of timber used in the construction of this piece is impressive. As is so often the case with furniture of this age, the original turned handles have been replaced by brass handles thought to be more correct for the period.
The top left drawer has dividers for wine bottles and the central doors open to reveal adjustable shelves.

George III circa 1800 £1,800

10 14 05

23" deep
55 1/2" wide
36 1/2" high

Mahogany antique sideboard

Charming small scale antique sideboard made of mahogany with many inlaid pieces of cross banding, flame veneer, stringing, harewood and others which have faded to a nice pale colour. The legs are square taper with spades at the base and the at the top of each is fluting with the double flute inserts at the base (I forget the official name).

English circa 1790 £5,800

03 14 06

26 1/4" deep
4' wide
36" high

Bow fronted antique sideboard

Great quality bow fronted sideboard with book matched flame mahogany front panels, tambour sliding centre panel and double stringing all round.

English circa 1800 £1,800

03 14 03

30 1/2" deep
67" wide
36" high

Oak antique serving table

Antique serving table made of oak and pollard oak, this serving table is exceptionally well made with mahogany drawer linings and proper precision dovetails. It has hidden drawers in the frieze for cutlery, linen etc.

English circa 1840-1880 £4,800

04 14 10

23" deep max
66 1/2" wide max
34 1/2" high

George IV antique mahogany sideboard

Very fine quality period George IV antique mahogany sideboard of impressive architectural form, with wonderful flame mahogany veneers and all mahogany lined drawers, doors and sliders, the inside contains linen sliders, there are three cutlery drawers and a wine cooler drawer, the whole piece is supported on four huge turned wooden casters so it can be moved around as necessary, Irish circa 1830 £3,200

MS 070

96" wide
26" deep max
38" high to centre surface
51" high max