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Antique Paintings and Prints

18th Century Primitive Antique Oil Painting Of An Aristocratic Child With Dog

18th Century primitive antique oil painting of aristocratic child with dog. This sort of painting is said to have been painted retrospectively to show a wealthy individual as a child, presumably in a situation more grand than the one in which they were really brought up. This would explain that the face looks more like that of an adult, as well as the garden and fountain which look like that of a very large country house. In any case this would have been an expensive commission for someone of great importance, or at least great wealth, at the time. All in all a charming piece of social history in a very good frame.

Dutch or French circa 1770 £8500

150cm / 59" high
109cm / 43" wide
8cm / 3" deep

Early 19th Century Regency Print Of Elephant Decoy Fastened To A Tree

19th century antique print of "Decoy Elephants Leaving the Male Fastened to a Tree / Des Elephants Dressés laissant le Male". This picture is from a book called "Oriental Field Sports", this print dated 1819.
One such print is on display in the British High Commission, New Delhi, India.
Author: Captain Thomas Williamson
Artist: Samuel Howitt (1756-1823)
Engraver: Henri Merke (Active 1800-1820)

English circa 1819 £150

64cm / 25" high
75cm / 29½" wide
3cm / 1" deep

19th century diorama

19th century diorama of an exotic maritime island or new world scene. Made of various sections of cutout card with pen and ink and with watercolour on top.

Signed on reverse "Orange Wigington 1830".

English 1830 £580

14 1/2" wide
9 3/4" high
2" deep

Georges Pienne painting

Beautiful and captivating oil painting of the spectacular mountains of Wales, this painting captures perfectly the ephemeral atmosphere of this mythical Celtic landscape. Painting signed verso French artist Georges Pienne and dated 1900. He lived in London and exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1891 and 1892.

RF 028

36" high x 56" wide frame
30" x 50" without frame

Antique oil painting of a North African man

255 Antique oil painting of a North African man wearing a turban by L. Harris.


JCR 010

22" wide
25 1/2" high
1" deep

Antique oil painting of a gentleman

228 Antique pastel of a gentleman in a blue frock coat in a gilt oval frame.

English 18th century £850

JCR 009

16" wide
22" high
1 1/2" deep

Antique painting on glass

195 Antique painting on glass, amazingly this was painted on the reverse, the glass is turned round in order that the image will appear as a picture as displayed here. Clever stuff.


JCR 006

20" high
15 1/2" wide
1" deep

Antique oil painting of a little boy and dog

194 Antique oil painting of a little boy and dog with Chateau in the back ground.

French £1,450

JCR 005

18" high
20" wide
3" deep

Antique oil painting of Charles III of Spain

76 Antique oil painting of Charles III of Spain (1703-1711)


JCR 004

27" wide
34" high
1 1/2" deep

General William Miller painting

58 Antique oil painting of General William Miller, Commissariat of Wellington's Peninsular Army

English 1810 £950

JCR 003

29" high
24 1/2" wide
2" deep

Beatrix Potter print

Decorative little print from the Beatrix Potter series in a 10" square frame, some discolouration to the board due to moisture, probably mid 20th century £55

Antonio Cortes

Rural Scene, oil on canvas by Antonio Cortes (Spanish) 1827-1908, this painting has worn framing stickers on the reverse for Paris framers, and is labelled Cortes on the reverse.
Antonio Cortes was a painter at the Royal Court of Spain and moved to France to live and work. He was put on the list of the Salon des Artists Francias during 1868 as part of the pleinairisme movement.
You can read more about his life as an artist here

His son was Edoudo Cortes 1882-1969. Antonio's father, Andre Cortes, was famous for his work on the stained glass windows of the Cathedral of Seville. Edouard showed exceptional talent early and decided at a young age that he was destined to be a painter. He once stated, "I was born from and for painting." In his youth, Cortes trained at his father's studio and was also given advice and encouragement from his brother (also a painter) and other local artists. Surprisingly, before undergoing his formal education at the National French Art School in Paris, a sixteen-year old Cortes first exhibited his work at the national exhibition of the Societe des Artistes Francais in Paris, 1899. His large painting, Le Labour, was a great success and the French press lauded the young phenomenon of the French art scene.

Antique Oil Painting Of Castello di Miramare Near Trieste By Axel Schovelin

1875 oil painting of the castle at Trieste painted when the building was only 10 years old by Danish artist Axel Schovelin - 1827-1893. The castle is still there today and is now a museum (look up Castello di Miramare). It was built by Archduke Maximillian on the waterfront 8 km from Trieste, was built between 1856 and 1860 from a project by Carl Junker working under Archduke Maximilian. The Castle gardens provide a setting of beauty with a variety of trees, chosen by and planted on the orders of Maximilian, that today make a remarkable collection. Features of particular attraction in the gardens include two ponds, one noted for its swans and the other for lotus flowers, the Castle annexe ("Castelletto"), a bronze statue of Maximilian, and a small chapel where is kept a cross made from the remains of the "Novara", the flagship on which Maximilian, brother of Emperor Franz Josef, set sail to become Emperor of Mexico. Much later, the castle was also the home of Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta, the last commander of Italian forces in East Africa during the Second World War. During the period of the application of the Instrument for the Provisional Regime of the Free Territory of Trieste, as established in the Treaty of Peace with Italy (Paris 10/02/1947), the castle served as headquarters for the United States Army's TRUST force.

Danish/Italian 1875 £16,500
JMM 254

64" x 46" including frame

Gustave Danthon

Nineteenth century oil painting by Gustave Danthon "Sunset on the River Loire".

Gustave Danthon was one of the late 19th century impressionist artists. He was a member of the Barbizon School of French landscape painters. They aimed to paint en plein aire - fresh realistic scenes that were painted in the open air. Members included John Francois Millet, Theodore Rousseau and Charles Daubigny.

Gustave Danthon exhibited at the prestigious Salon des Independants and the Salon d'Automne amongst others. His work was represented by the famous Joseph Seligman in Paris, who also represented many of the famous impressionsist artists of the 19th century. Seligman also had a gallery in New York and to the reverse of the frame of this painting is attached a very early US customs label, which would indicate that the painting has either been exhibited in the US or sold to an American client.

This painting retains its original fine quality water gilded frame, the canvas and paint are in good condition, Danthon has handled the light and colour to excellent effect. Including the frame the measurements are 62" by 44" or 158cm by 112 cm

RI 001