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Antique Side Tables

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18th Century George II Period Mahogany Antique Side Table

Good early mahogany antique side table made of a really good cut of dense grained and well figured mahogany. Sometimes referred to as a low-boy, this antique table is a useful size being narrow front to back while having lots of storage space. This is an interesting period of furniture making as it represents the very first years of the use of mahogany which proved much more durable than the walnut that had been used in the previous decades. What a wonderful thing that this little table is so well made that it should be still in use after almost three hundred years.

English circa 1740 £3800

05 19 05

66cm / 26" wide
43cm / 17" deep
71cm / 28" high

Early 18th Century Oak Antique Side Table

Lovely small scale early 18th century oak antique side table with a drawer in the frieze and stretchers between the legs. This is a really charming little table with great colour and patina which will improve further when we have polished it with beeswax.

English circa 1710 £460

AGH 002

47cm / 18½" deep
67cm / 26½"  wide
61cm / 24" high

Early 18th Century George I Period Antique Walnut Side Table

Early 18th century George I period walnut antique lowboy side table. This is a charming early side table with wonderful faded colour, sligthly wobbly top, quarter cut veneers, cross banding, stringing, a carved apron and cabriole legs. It is photographed here before restoration as it came to us. A thorough polishing with beeswax will improve the table immensely and is included in the price.

English circa 1720 £3800

10 18 04

29½" / 75cm wide
19¼" / 49cm deep
25¼" / 64cm high

Antique Painted Side Table

Very decorative nineteenth century painted side table standing on generously carved lyre shaped end supports. This table has surprisingly good construction, fine dovetails and mahogany lined drawers, which indicates that it was made by one of the better makers of the 19th century. This is a good size table with two drawers in the frieze. It could be used as a sofa table in the drawing room, a serving table in the dining room or a dressing table in the bed room. A charming, practical and useful piece of furniture.

English circa 1860 £2,800


23½" / 60cm deep
53½" / 136cm wide
30" / 76cm high
33½" / 85cm high

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Side Table

18th century George III period mahogany antique side table. This is a useful little table with nice mahogany on the front, legs and drawer front. The legs taper from the inside two surfaces and they are slender and elegant. Priced to sell as is.

English circa 1790 £250

02 18 07

70cm / 27½" wide
42cm / 16½" deep
71cm / 28" high

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Side Table

George III period mahogany antique side table with drawer in the frieze and standing on square taper legs.

English circa 1790 £250

09 17 17

76cm / 30" wide
51cm / 20" deep
75cm / 29½" high

Early 19th Century Regency Mahogany Antique Dressing Table / Serving Table / Side Table

Early 19th century Regency mahogany antique dressing table or side table standing on the classic Gillow leg. This design of leg is found in the Gillow pattern books and the quality of the timber and construction is also very much Gillows. There are three drawers in the frieze and the sides and base of the drawers is also of the best quality mahogany. This table is usefully narrow front to back and is equally useful in a hallway, bedroom, drawing room or dining room.

English circa 1820 £4800

JE 005

61cm / 24" deep
114cm / 45" wide
76cm / 30" high surface
84cm / 33" high max


19th Century Antique Side Table Attributed to Gillow

19th century mahogany serving table, side table or dressing table with gallery to stop things falling off the back. This is very useful for all applications, but especially when used as a dressing table as it stops the mirror being pushed too far back. The beauty of this table is in the elegant lines and the deliberate lack of embellishment. There is no superfluous carving, no cockbeading and no gold trim. It is not the superficial things that make this table stand out from the rest, it the intrinsic qualities. It is the quality of the timber with the wonderful grain pattern, it is the mahogany drawer linings, is the the precision construction that means that the drawers run smoothly with no need for cock beading. This table has slender legs, a thin frieze and nice pair of handles. Who could ask for more.

English circa 1840 £1250

52cm / 20½" deep
108cm / 42½" wide
76cm / 30" high
85cm / 33½" high

18th Century Antique Oak Lowboy Sidetable

Early 18th century oak antique side table with great colour and patination. This table has a single drawer in the frieze and stands on long slender legs terminating in pad feet.

English circa 1740 £1,250

79cm / 31" wide
50 cm / 19½" deep
71cm / 28" high

Antique Washstand

Antique washstand made of a really good cut of Cuban mahogany. This useful side table is designed to have a bowl for washing in the centre, but it might be fun to find a way of plumbing it in with taps and drain etc for glamorous teeth cleaning or a posh wash. There are two drawers, one each side of the central dummy drawer. Handles are original turned mahogany. The timber is dry from years of not being looked after, once we have waxed it with bees wax it will be a wonderful rich colour again which can be achieved without totally repolishing. The timber and construction are consistant with that used by Gillow which makes this table well above the ordinary.

English circa 1810 £1,450

42" wide
40" high
32" high to surface
20" deep

Antique Wine Table / Writing Table / Centre Table

Regency mahogany centre table / writing table / lamp table, the rectangular top crossbanded in tulipwood and fruitwood, with two drawers in the frieze and the feet with scrolled reeded brackets.

English circa 1810 £4,800

02 16 01
Provenance: Sold and valued Maple and Co, BADA, 1971

30" wide
23" deep
29½" high

Antique dressing table

Antique dressing table / side table / serving table made of mahogany with cross banding and strung decoration.

English circa 1800 £250

45½" wide
20" deep
31½" high surface
40" high overall

Antique side table

Early antique side table made of well figured oak. This table is extremely unusual as it has a fold over top that means it can double as a card table, tea table or writing desk.
When open the top is supported by a leg that swings open on a knuckle joint hidden in the centre of the back.
This is a charming early 18th century side table that our restorers have finished by polishing it with natural beeswax.

English circa 1740 £1,850

10 14 09

37" wide
19" deep
37 1/2" when open
30" high