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Pair of Antique Sideboards

1780 Pair of George III Sideboards 31½ 80cmw 78¼ 199cmw 36 92cmh _1.JPG

Rare pair of 18th century antique sideboards, these are bow-fronted and are made from wonderful golden mahogany with stringing, crossbanding, many useful doors and drawers and they stand on good slender and elegant square taper legs with spade feet.

English circa 1780 £42000

31½" / 80cm deep
78¼" / 199cm wide
36" / 92cm high

Antique Regency Sofa

1815 Regency Antique Sofa 30d 36h 18hs wo cushion 79w _5.JPG

Early 19th century Regency period antique sofa. This sofa is a really fine example of classical Regency big house drawing room furniture. It has everything you could get at the period, reeded legs, acanthus carving, contra foliate scrolling, gadrooning, reeding, stringing, inlay and wonderful laurel leaf caster cups.
It has the correct pre-Victorian corner stretchers and unsprung seat.
The last photo is from the Gillow colour sketch book and shows a sofa with a similar treatment to the top of the left arm and the leg design.

English circa 1820 £5800

76cm / 30" deep
91cm / 36" high
46cm / 18" high seat wo cushion
201cm / 79" wide

Antique Dining Table On Three Pedestals

1810 Three Pedestal Antique Dining Table 48w 28½h 25¼ each end 20¾ and 21½ leaves 26¼ centre _1.JPG

George III Period antique dining table standing on three four splay legs. The edge of the top and the top of the legs are reeded all round and the legs terminate in an especially elegant the caster cup. The top of this table is good and flat and the whole thing is made of very good mahogany which will look absolutely wonderful when the restorers have finished polishing it with natural shellac and beeswax, all of which is included in the price.

English circa 1810 £34000

122cm / 48" wide
72cm / 28½" high
195cm / 76¾" long w/o leaves
302cm / 119" long max

64cm / 25¼" each end
53cm / 20¾" leaf
55cm / 21½" leaf
67cmc / 26¼" centre

Antique Dining Table

1810 Three Pedestal Antique Dining Table 28h 48½d 103w leaves 13¾ ends 28¼ middle 24¾ _1.JPG

Antique dining table standing on three pedestals each with four splay base. This sort of base is very sought after, the shape is a Gillow design with the early high knee placement and very vertical waterfall shape to the legs. The close reeding on the top of the legs is typically elegant for the pre-Regency period.
The timber of this table is very nicely figured dense grained mahogany, this is one of the finest cuts of mahogany that we see and it will look wonderful when we have repolished it. The polishing is included in the price and colour matching is part of the restoration process so the top will be an even colour and it is possible to specify a dark, medium or light colour. The table can be made smaller by taking out the removable leaves and can be made longer by the addition of two more leaves made using matching antique timber. Please ask for an estimate to make it longer.

English circa 1790 £26000
Attributed to Gillow of Lancaster and London

71cm / 28" high
123cm / 48½" deep
262cm / 103" long
35cm / 13¾" each leaf
72cm / 28¼" each end
63cm / 24¾" centre section

Antique Twin Pedestal Dining Table

1810 Antique Dining Table 29h 82w 48d leaf 21¾ 2.JPG

An early 19th century twin pedestal antique dining table, this is a fine Regency table standing on four splay bases which always look so much better than a three legged version. This table has an elegant leg with decorative stringing and ending in a pleasingly intricate brass cap and caster. The mahogany top has an interesting grain pattern and once re-polished will look magnificent. This is a very fine quality little table. This table can be extended by about two more feet if required. Please contact us for details and a quote.

English circa 1810 £9800

74cm / 29" high
208cm / 82" long max
122cm / 48" deep
55cm / 21¾" leaf

Set of Eight Antique Dining Chairs

8 Antique Dining Chairs new rails 20w 32½h 18hs 19d _1.JPG

Set of eight George III period dining chairs all with new seat rails. These dining chairs are made from nice mahogany show wood with turned legs and the nice Georgian period close reeded decoration on the back supports.

English circa 1810 £3800

20" wide
32½" high
18" high seat
19" deep

Set of Eighteen Repoduction Regency Dining Chairs

18 Regency Repoduction Dining Chairs 18½w 33h 18hs 20d _1.JPG

A good long set of eighteen repoduction Regency dining chairs with drop in seats and sabre legs.

English circa 1980 £9800

47cm / 18½" wide
84cm / 33" high
46cm / 18" high seat
51cm / 20" deep

Secretaire / Secretary Boookcase

1790 Antique Secretaire Bookcase 59w surface 60¼w cornice 74h 24d max 9.JPG

Antique secretaire or secretary bookcase, this is an especially fine piece of furniture made from fine quality figured fiddle back mahogany with mahogany lined drawers and a desk drawer with writing slope and sections for writing materials including a drawer within a drawer pull out pen and ink holder.

English circa 1790 £4800

150cm / 59" wide at surface
153cm / 60¼" wide at cornice
188cm / 74" high max
61cm / 24" deep max

Antique Pembrok Table

1770 Antique Pembroke Table 35½w max 18½w down 27d 27h _10.JPG

Eighteenth century George III period mahogany antique pembroke table. This pretty little table is really outstanding, it is made of an especially interesting cut of mahogany, it has a lovely shaped top, it has mahogany lined drawers, it has stringing and cross banding, the top has mitered corners and it is in lovely original untouched condition.

English circa 1770 £1650

90cm / 35½" wide max
47cm / 18½" wide down
69cm / 27" deep
69cm  / 27" high

Set of Gillows Dining Chairs

6 Antique Gillows Dining Chairs _2.JPG

Simply wonderful set of six antique dining chairs. These chairs are the classic "Kennedy's pattern" Gillows design with reeded leg, the waving frond carving and the combination of caned seat with squab which are all typical of Gillows designs of the period. They are simulated rosewood, which is beach painted to look like rosewood. These chairs have worn and faded to a desirable level of patination, they can be waxed with beeswax to bring back the shine and preserve the look. Alternatively the simulated rosewood can be restored to make them look like the manufacturer intended. They should have a seat squab, so do let us know if you want a quote for the upholstery.

English circa 1820 £2800
Attributed to Gillow

86cm / 34" high
41cm / 16" high seat
(without squab)
46cm / 18" wide
51cm / 20" deep

Set of Six Antique Dining Chairs

6 George III Antique Dining Chairs.jpg

Set of six antique dining chairs comprising five singles and one carver, this is a great set of George III period antique chairs made of good dense grained mahogany with nice crisp carving. The legs are fluted with a spade foot, the carving on the back is wonderful and the arms are a great shape.

English circa 1790 £1800

The single chairs are
21" wide
18" deep
18" high seat
35½" high
The carver chair is
24" wide
19" deep
18" high seat
36" high

Pair of Antique Desk Chairs / Antique Armchairs

2 Antique Armchairs 24½ w 38½h 18d 18hs _1.JPG

Pair of antique carver armchairs or desk chairs, these are a very charming pair of vernacular Chippendale chairs with pierces back splats, great shape to the arms and H frame stretchers for added strength.

English circa 1790 £480

62cm / 24½" wide
98cm / 38½" high
46cm / 18" deep
46cm / 18" high seat

Large Howard Sofa

1997 Howard Audley Sofa 85w 7ft1w 40d 34d frame 35h 19hs 7.JPG

Very comfortable Howard and Sons Audley model sofa with siege de duvet back and seat cushions.

English 1997 £5800

216cm / 85" / 7ft1" wide
102cm / 40" deep
86cm / 34" deep at frame
89cm / 35" high
48cm / 19" high seat

Pair of Antique Card Tables

1820 Pair Of Antique Card Tables 35 x 35½ open17½ x  x 35½ closed 28½h open 29h closed _6.JPG

This is one of the finest pairs of card tables that we have seen. They were found in wonderfully original condition with no polish left but more importantly with no previous repairs. These antique card tables are very well drawn with absolutely perfect proportions. The timber is a very good colour, a golden brown with no red in it and there is gadrooning in all the right places. The contra foliate scroll brass work is very precisely done, not only on the top it is on the column and is even on the lower frieze which runs around the base. The brass stringing around the edge is a very fine feature which looks good whether the tops are open or closed.
The tops rotate around ninety degrees to reveal a mahogany lined storage space on their way to converting from side table to card table. In fact all the visible wood underneath is mahogany. These really are the nicest pair of card tables that we have seen for a very long time, if ever.

English circa 1815 £12500

89cm x 90cm / 35" x 35½" open
44.5cm x 90cm / 17½" x 35½" closed
72.5cm / 28½" h open
74cm / 29h" closed

Antique Centre Table

1790 Centre Table 55¼w 55¾w 28h _1.JPG

18th century George III period breakfast table or centre table standing on four splay pedestal base. This table is unusual as it is made of satinwood which is an extremely rare and very beautiful timber with a three dimensional quality when viewed first hand. This table has several other desirable aspects to the design, the four splay leg arrangement is the most elegant design, the lack of frieze means maximum leg room for guests and the cross banding detail is a very nice to have.
All in all a very fine table indeed it does not get better that this.

English circa 1790 £9800


140cm / 55¼" wide
142cm / 55¾" wide
71cm / 28" high

Antique Library Chair

1760 Chippendale Armchair 26½w 38h 23d 18hs _4.JPG

Very nice quality George III period mahogany antique library chair in the manner of Thomas Chippendale. This chair has good crisp carving, it is made of fine dense grained timber, it is a grand scale and it has H frame stretchers for added strength.

English circa 1760 £1850

12 19 08 A

66cm / 26½" wide
97cm / 38" high
58cm / 23" deep
46cm / 18" high seat

Set of Twelve Antique Dining Chairs

12 Antique Dining Chairs carver 26w 38h 24d 18hs single 22½w 38h 23d 18hs _7.JPG

Good large scale set of twelve antique dining chairs after the designs of Thomas Chippendale. These are nicely drawn with good crisp carving and they have H frame stretchers for added strength.

English circa 1910 £6800

12 19 08

The carvers
66cm / 26" wide
97cm / 38" high
61cm / 24" deep
46cm / 18" high seat
The singles
57cm / 22½" wide
97cm / 38" high
58cm / 23" deep
46 cm / 18" high seat

Large Aubosson Flat Weave / Tapastery Rug

Aubusson Rug 141 x 217 inches or 11ft9 x 18ft1 or 358cm by 551cm _1.JPG

Large scale wool Aubusson rug with carbouchons, flowers and shell motifs on oyster ground. The rug has faded about the perfect amount without losing all of the colours. This level of wear is desirable because it means that the rug can fit into an existing country house setting, whereas a brand new one could be too bright for its surroundings.

French 20th Century £4800


141" x 217"
11'9" x 18'1"
358cm by 551cm

Aubusson is well known for its tapestry and carpets, which have been famous throughout the world since the 14th century. Its origins were born with the arrival of weavers from Flanders, who took refuge in Aubusson around 1580. There is a famous collection of Aubusson tapestries at Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. The style of the tapestries produced has changed through the centuries, from scenes of green landscapes through to hunting scenes. In the 17th Century, the Aubusson and Felletin workshops were given "Royal Appointment" status. A downturn in fortunes came after the French revolution and the arrival of wallpaper. However, tapestry made something of a comeback during the 1930s, with artists such as Cocteau, Dufy, Dali, Braque, Calder and Picasso being invited to Aubusson to express themselves through the medium of wool. Aubusson tapestry still thrives today, preserving a range of traditional skills.



Antique Twin Pedestal Dining Table

19th Century Twin Pedestal Antique Dining Table 49¼w 111¾long 28½h 34¾ ends 21 each leaf 2.JPG

Early 19th century twin pedestal antique dining table. This table is a great scale with a generous shape to the base. The columns are crisply turned and the legs are a wonderful shape. It is interesting to try to imagine how many cubic inches of the best mahogany available was wasted to create that leg shape.
There are two removable leaves supported by bearers, so either, neither, or both of the leaves can be used.

George III circa 1805 £6800

12 19 06

125cm / 49¼" wide
284cm / 111¾" long
72cm / 28½" high
88cm / 34¾" ends
53cm / 21" each leaf

Breakfast Table / Centre Table

19th Century Breakfast Table 42 wide 28½ high 3.JPG

Early nineteenth century breakfast table base, the top replaced with a very fine bookmatched burr walnut surrounded with satin wood stringing and mahogany crossbanding. This is a very elegant table with slender base, good knee clearance and a tilt top.



42" / 107cm wide
28½ / 72.5cm high