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20th Century Brass Fire Fender

1510201920th century brass fire fender 52w 48w inside 65w max 60w inside max 19d 6h _1.JPG

Very nice brass fire fender with vase design at the corners. This fender adjusts in width from 52" to 65" at the outside and 48" to 52" inside.

English 20th Century £145


132cm / 52" wide outside min
122cm / 48" wide inside min
165cm / 65" wide outside max
152cm / 60" wide inside max
48cm / 19" deep
15cm / 6" high

Two Antique Turned Leg Bridgewater Easy Armchairs by Howard and Sons of London

1510201919th Century Pair of Antique Howard and Sons Turned Leg Bridgewaters 27w 27d frame 37d _5.JPG

Two Bridgewater model armchairs made by Howard and Sons of London.
These two chairs stand on the earlier sort of turned legs for which the company is so well known. These chairs are currently upholstered in sprung horsehair with no feather cushions. This method of upholstery lends itself to applications where the plumping of cushions is to be avoided, such as high use or public areas. The cushionless Bridgewater is also the ideal model to be upholstered in thick fabric or leather, neither of which work very well with down feathers. However, all the systems of upholstery have the same frame shape and, as when new, these chairs can be upholstered with a plain, waisted or button back or they can also be re-upholstered using the famous siege de duvet system which makes them so very comfortable.

English circa 1890 £6800 each
(price includes restoration and recovery,
but not the price of the fabric itself)

11 18 05

69cm / 27" wide at frame
76cm / 30" wide max
69cm / 27" deep frame
94cm / 37" deep max
86cm / 34" high
33cm / 13" high seat

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Serpentine Chest of Drawers

121020191760 Serpentine Front Antique Chest of Drawers Tambour 40¾W 21D 34H 4.JPG

Elegant and unusual antique chest of drawers with serpentine front. This chest of drawers has a very good colour and patina. There are ten drawers and a sliding tambour fronted cupboard in the centre. It stands on ogee bracket feet that follow the line of the serpentine front.

English circa 1760 £3800

12 18 02

103.5cm / 40¾" wide
50.5cm / 21" deep
68.5cm / 34" high

Early 19th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Sofa Table

0310201919th Century Mahogany Antique Sofa Table 21½D 56½W 34W min 27½H 2.JPG

Early 19th century George III period mahogany antique sofa table. This sofa table is a real delight, it has all the sought after details such as the four splay end support, high stretcher and it is free standing. As well as this the timber has a really wonderful grain pattern and it has achieved a wonderful colour and patina over its two hundred year old lifespan. Not immediately apparent at first glance is the inlaid decoration, which on closer inspection turns out to comprise bows and arrows. While hunting was a common past time for the aristocracy of centuries ago, it really is not common to see this sort of decoration at this period. This is a really wonderful sofa table with good narrow proportions and an excellent colour.

English circa 1810 £3800

01 19 05

55cm / 21½" deep
144cm / 56½" wide max
68cm / 34" wide min
70cm / 27½" high

Howard and Sons Chair

3009201919th Century Howard And Sons Bedroom Chair 25w 35h 15 hs 26d 21d frame _13.JPG

Very elegant Howard and Sons bedroom chair standing on the iconic turned front legs for which the company are known.

English circa 1880 £3800

25" wide
35" high
15" high seat
26" deep
21d frame

Early 19th Century George III Period Mahogany Twin Pedestal Antique Dining Table

3009201919th Century George III Twin Pedestal Antique Dining Table 46 w 28 h 83½ w _1.JPG

Early 19th century George III period mahogany twin pedestal antique dining table. This table can be made larger with the addition of another leaf. The top can be repolished which will greatly improve the colour. At the moment the varnish is hiding the wonderful grain pattern. Please ask about restoration options.
This table has the early sort of good close reeding on top of the legs and around the edge of the top. The base is very well drawn with a finely turned column and generously elongated four splay legs.

English circa 1810 £9800

117cm / 46" wide
71cm / 28" high
212cm / 83½" long

19th Century Extending Breakfast Dining Table

3009201919th century extending breakfast table by James Winter 28½ high 72 long max 50½ long min 51½ wide 1.JPG

19th century mahogany antique dining table which extends to take two additional leaves to make it six feet long. This table has an unusually pretty reeded column support standing on the slender base and the frieze is good and narrow to give maximum knee room. This table is stamped James Winter who was a highly regarded cabinet maker from Soho in London.

English circa 1850 £6800


72cm / 28½" high
183cm / 72" long max
128cm / 50½" long min
131cm / 51½" wide

Set of Twelve Early Nineteenth Century Regency Mahogany Antique Dining Chairs

2809201912 Regency Mahogany Antique Dining Chairs Attributed to Gillow Carver 22d 33h 21w 18½s Single 20½d 33h 19w 18hs _11.JPG

Very fine and well drawn set of twelve early 19th century Regency mahogany antique dining chairs. This set of chairs are larger than normal for the period with good deep seats and a generous splay to the legs. Sabre leg chairs are especially elegant and the panelling and shape are similar to designs by Gillow. The single fluted line to the front of the legs and back uprights is ebonised in the manner of George Bullock. These are proper grown up chairs for a large country house.

English circa 1820 £12500

09 19 10

The carvers
56cm / 22" deep
84cm / 33" high
53cm / 21" wide
47cm / 18½" high seat

The singles
52cm / 20½" deep
84cm / 33" high
48cm / 19" wide
46cm / 18" high seat

Set of Twelve Early Nineteenth Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Dining Chairs

2809201912 Antique Dining Chairs circa 1810 the carver 23w 21d 19hs 34h the single 20w 19hs 34h 19d _1.JPG

Set of twelve George III period mahogany antique dining chairs, ten singles and two armchairs, standing on elegant turned legs with good close reeded decoration and unusual brass caps. These chairs have been re-railed using good quality close grained beech. The back panel is of octagonal form and consists of a very fine section of flame mahogany with crossbanding and molded edge.

English circa 1810 £9800

10 18 02

The carver
58cm / 23" wide
53cm / 21" deep
48cm / 19" high seat
86cm / 34" high
The single
51cm / 20" wide
48cm / 19" deep
48cm / 19" high seat
86cm / 34" high

Set of Twelve Early Nineteenth Century Regency Mahogany Antique Dining Chairs

2408201912 Early Nineteenth Century Regency Mahogany Dining Chairs Attributed to Gillow Carver 22w 22d 33h single 19w 21d 33h _2.JPG

Very fine quality set of twelve Regency mahogany antique dining chairs. This set of chairs are generously proportioned for the period, the seats are deep and the back leg has a generous curve. The design of the leg and the design of the back splat are typical of Gillow designs of the period. Similarly there is an initial stamped into some of the frames which was also something that Gillow was doing, which is rare for the time. These are really fine set of dining chairs for the money.

English circa 1820 £18500


22" / 56cm wide
22" / 56cm deep
33" / 84cm high

19" / 48cm wide
21" / 53cm deep
33" / 84cm high

Early 19th Century Regency Library Writing Table

2208201919th Century Antique Gillow Library Table 25d 44w 28½ or 29½h _1.JPG

Very fine quality early 19th century oak Regency library writing table. This table has everything you could want, brass gallery, end supports, high stretcher, thin frieze and lovely old skiver. The timber is a proper cut of dense grained oak and it is a beautiful golden colour. The brass gallery is good and precise with shapes in it that echo the stylised flower motif in the centre of the frieze. This is the more desirable end support, with the straight legs and 90 degree curve at the base from the Gillow pattern book. As with most library tables, this one is free standing so it can be used as a sofa table as well as a library table, writing table or side table.

English circa 1820 £3800

01 19 12

64cm / 25" deep
112cm / 44" wide
72cm / 28½" high surface
75cm / 29½" high max

George III Period Mahogany Antique Linen Press

1608201918th century antique mahogany linen press 52½ w 77½ h 25 d _1.JPG

George III period mahogany antique linen press. This linen press really is a cut above the norm, it is made of exceptional quality mahogany, the motifs in the corners are crisply carved and there is a Chippendale inspired latticework on the feet. The corner motifs themselves are of a stylised laurel wreath with different cut plants. They could be a family motto, but we would love to hear if anyone has any more information about these designs.
These photographs were taken before restoration, this linen press will be restored before delivery, please ask about delivery and restoration options.

English circa 1780 £3800

01 19 11

52½" / 103.5cm wide
77½" / 197cm high
25" / 63.5cm deep

Howard and Sons Portarlington Sofa

270720191910 Howard And Sons Portarlington Sofa 83w 36d 36h 59w inside 20h seat 20d seat _11.JPG

Large and comfortable antique sofa made by Howard and Sons of London. This sofa has been covered in a copy of the original cotton fabric which Howard and Sons used to upholster a piece under a loose cover.

English circa 1910 £18,000

06 19 01

211cm / 83" wide
92cm / 36" deep
92cm / 36" high
150cm / 59" wide inside
50cm / 20" high seat
50cm / 20" deep seat

Set of Six Antique Dining Chairs

270720196 antique dining chairs cabriole legs 19w 19d 32h 18hs _2.JPG

Set of six antique dining chairs standing on elegant cabriole legs. These chairs have the earlier type of corner stretchers which would indicate that they are an early version of this design. This is a very fine quality set of chairs and the photographs do not do them justice.

English circa 1860 £1250

CAR 004

19" wide
19" deep
32" high
18" high seat

Early 19th Century Regency Mahogany Antique Library Table

0607201919th Century Antique Library Table 25¾d 43½w 28h _4.JPG

Early 19th century Regency mahogany antique library table. This is a really charming little library table that would be equally useful to use as a sofa table. It is made of nice mahogany with good figuring and a nice old faded green skiver. The skiver can be conserved or replaced depending on the requirement. This table will look wonderful when the restorers have finished with it. This is a proper aristocratic piece of furniture with inlaid stringing, high cross bar, precise dovetails and it is freestanding with dummy drawers to the reverse.

English circa 1820 £2800


25¾" deep
43½" wide
28" high

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Bedside Table / Pot Cupboard / Night Stand

0607201918th Century Pot Cupboard Antique Night Stand 17¾ 45cmD 22½ 58cmW 31 79cmH _2.JPG

18th century George III period mahogany pot cupboard night stand. This is a charming little bed side table, made of proper mahogany of the sort that just seems to have run out by the end of the Georgian era, because it is so much more interesting than the stuff the Victorians were using.
This table is remarkably fine in detail, it has slender tapering legs, brass casters and caps to match, thin crossbanding and stringing. This really is a lovely little bed side table.

English circa 1790 £850

11 16 05

17¾" / 45cm deep
22½" / 58cm wide
31" / 79cm high

Eighteenth Century George III Period Mahogany Pair of D-end Tables / Console Tables

0607201918th Century Pair of Antique Mahogany Demi Lune Tables 26¼ d 53½ w 28¼ 23 clearance 2.JPG

Pair of 18th century George III period mahogany D-ends. These two tables are made from a good cut of mahogany and have nice figuring and a good colour. There is ebonised molding around the frieze and the legs are slightly tapered.

English circa 1780 £1800

67cm / 26¼" deep
136cm / 53½" wide
72cm / 28¼" high
59cm / 23" clearance

Set of Twelve Early Nineteenth Century Regency Mahogany Antique Dining Chairs

0607201912 early 19th century Regency mahogany antique dining chairs the carver 22w 34h 18hs 21d the singles 18w 34h18hs 19½d _6.JPG

Set of twelve early 19th century Regency mahogany antique dining chairs. This is a really fine set of chairs, they have sabre legs, they are well drawn with good proportions, they are crisply carved and they are made of fine close grained mahogany. These chairs have the early type of close reeding on the top of the rails, across the front rail, the top of the arms and on the inside of the back supports. These chairs are a delight.

English circa 1820 £11500

02 19 04

The carvers
56cm / 22" wide
87cm / 34" high
46cm / 18" high seat
53cm / 21" deep
The singles
46cm / 18" wide
87cm / 34" high
46cm / 18" high seat

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Four Pedestal Antique Dining Table

1305201918th Century Four Pedestal Antique Dining Table 62W 29H 215L _14.jpg

18th century George III period mahogany four pedestal antique dining table. This is one of the best tables we have seen, it is a tremendous scale at almost eighteen feet long and very well drawn. It has elegant outstretched four splay legs which are a great shape, having a slight hint of the Regency knee that would come later. The legs fall sharply down before curving to run almost parallel to the floor and they terminate a long way from the pedestal. It has the close reeding on the top of the legs typical of this pre-Regency period. The length of the leg, the shape of the leg and the reeding colaborate to provide a most pleasing and well balanced table base.
The catches are of the swing type which means that they cannot get lost. They are of the highest quality, some are inscribed Farlar & Bullock and others Bullock, Tonks & Bedington, 90 Wardour Street.
This table is "unseen" as it came to us in 2006 from Aynho Park without having been on the open market. It has been in private hands from 2006 until now once again we have the privilege to have custody of this wonderful and important country house dining table.

The top of the table is made of huge sheets of a very fine cut of mahagany which has attained a wonderful colour and patina over the centuries. There are three removable leaves and four premanant tops, any of these can be removed to make the table several sizes smaller. It is also possible to extend the table to make it larger, so please ask for details if a longer table is required.

English circa 1790 £195000
Attributed to Gillow of Lancaster and London

EM 002

Aynho Park, Oxfordshire.
This table was most probably made for Aynho as part of the improvements carried out to the house by Sir John Soane in the 1790s. There is a lot of very interesting history about the Cartwright family of Aynho Park going back for centuries, please ask for details.
Below the last two photographs are of the table in situ in Aynho Park taken in 2006.

159cm / 63" wide
547cm / 215" long
74cm / 29" high

Early 18th Century George I Period Walnut Antique Card Table

2004201918th Century Walnut Cards Table 30½W 15¼D min 30½ D max 28 or 28¾ H 10.JPG

Early 18th century George I period walnut antique games table standing on cabriole legs with pad feet. This table is photographed here as it came in to us and will look even better when it has been waxed. The mechanism is unusual and works very well. It has a concertina or scissors action which is very stable indeed. The walnut is a lovely colour and it has a good grain pattern on the sold sections and quarter cut burr veneer with feather banding on the top. This is a really elegant table dating from the pre-mahogany era and this sort of early walnut is bright, tactile and warm.

English circa 1720 £3800

01 19 03

77.5cm / 30½" wide
39cm / 15¼" deep min
77.5cm / 30½" deep max
71cm / 28" or 73cm / 28¾" high