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Antique Howard and Sons Sofas

This is a list of our current stock of sofas made by Howard and Sons. Do contact us if you can not see what you are looking for or if this page is empty. We are finding more and more that Howard and Sons sofas sell before we can list them online, so let us have your specific requirements and ask to be added to the queue. Click on images to enlarge.

Howard and Sons Leeds Sofa

Antique sofa made by Howard and Sons, the Leeds or Burlington models are one of the only early sofas with the side rake and low aspect to match the Bridgewater chair family. This sofa is shown without its back cushions, the library photograhs show the same model with the build in cushions after restoration. This is a very comfortable sofa indeed.

English circa 1920 £12800

06 18 05

62" / 158cm wide
20" / 51cm high 
32" / 82cm high max
36" / 91cm deep

Howard and Sons Lawson Sofa

Unusually small Lawson model upholstered sofa by Howard and Sons of London.

English circa 1910 £9800
(including all the restoration except fabric)

10 18 05

Howard and Sons Grantley Sofa

Antique Howard and Sons sofa, Grantley model. This sofa has high sides and back which is cosy in front of a fire. The high sides are sprung and have built in down cushions so when sat on sideways with feet up the arm is as supportive and comfortable as the back. These are library photographs, the sofa that we have is half naked at the restorers.

English circa 1890 £13,500
10 16 01