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Antique Howard and Sons Sofas

This is a list of our current stock of sofas made by Howard and Sons. Do contact us if you can not see what you are looking for or if this page is empty. We are finding more and more that Howard and Sons sofas sell before we can list them online, so let us have your specific requirements and ask to be added to the queue. Click on images to enlarge.

19th Century Victorian Period Chaise Longue Daybed Attributed to Howard and Sons of London

19th century day bed made by Howard and Sons of London. This is a very comfortable daybed with the softly sprung horsehair that it seems Howard alone was able to create. The day bed is buttoned / tufted all over with a flat panel on the arm. This has the amusing result of making the day bed look as if the back is adjustable when it is not. This is an unusually early version of this day bed and as such is not stamped with the makers name. Although we have had this model with stamp many times before, it is thought that this one dates from a period before the stamp began to be used. The legs are the Howard patent design, the construction and the design are all exclusively Howard. One interesting thing about this day bed is that the fabric appears to be original. This is useful for two reasons, firstly it means that when reupholstered it gives us the chance to see how it was upholstered originally so that when it is recovered it can be done to the specification as originally intended. The other good thing about the original fabric is that it is interesting in itself. There are two layers of fabric in this instance, an underticking with flowers and initials, over which is what is believed to be the original woven fabric. It is thought that most pieces were upholstered up to ticking and would then wait until the customer had chosen a top cover. This way the delivery times would be minimised, or a piece can be supplied in ticking and be covered elsewhere or at a later date, a practice that survives to this day. However, the underticking on this day bed is not the one usually found on a Howard, it has various letters including LED&M. Could it be the intials for Lenygon and Morant? We might know more when the top cover is taken off, or perhaps we will never know....

English circa 1870 £2200

76cm / 30" deep
183 / 72" long
71cm / 28" high
41cm / 16" high seat

Howard and Sons Sofa For Sale

Unusually large Howard and Sons Lawson settee standing on two square taper legs with brass casters and trade label to the underside. These high back low arm Howard sofas are very comfortable and they slender arms and legs mean that they do not crowd a room in the way that a modern sofa does.

English circa 1950 £5800

09 17 04

65" wide
35" deep
32" high
18" high seat

Howard and Sons Grantley Sofa

Antique Howard and Sons sofa, Grantley model. This sofa has high sides and back which is cosy in front of a fire. The high sides are sprung and have built in down cushions so when sat on sideways with feet up the arm is as supportive and comfortable as the back. These are library photographs, the sofa that we have is half naked at the restorers.

English circa 1890 £13,500
10 16 01